I am the Chief Research Scientist for Cognadev, a UK and South African-based consultancy and test publisher specializing in the dynamic assessment of psychological attributes contributing to cognitive styles, learning styles, cognitive processing, cognitive potential, motivation, goals, interests, and values.

Some Cognadev assessments are unique in that they form attribute assessments from computer-mediated behavioural observations while an individual completes several kinds of unusual tasks. Instead of self-reports of preferred cognitive styles and processing capabilities, these assessments work with actual performance.

Others like the Values Orientations and Motivation Profile are self-report, but far removed from the "I like going to parties" format of the typical non-cognitive questionnaire. Furthermore, their attribute-interpretation is in terms of integral psychology and psychodynamics rather than lists of discrete, static, 'trait descriptors'.

Dealing with scoring, establishing reliability and validity, and constructing evidence-bases for these assessments presents a unique challenge across several fronts, spanning measurement theory through computational and visualization algorithms.